About us


Sharing a love of real food

Tartisan opened in November 2017 on a quiet suburban corner of Port Melbourne. We spent six months designing and constructing a spacious, restorative space that defies its cosy footprint. Some people view us as a cafe, others a cake shop. All we know is that we like to do a lot in our small establishment.

Our team, aka the 'Tarts' of Tartisan, come from diverse backgrounds, but we have one thing in common - we love real, uncomplicated, rustic food.

Our cakes are baked from scratch in small batches in our Port Melbourne kitchen. You can watch the action while you're in our cafe. We use good ingredients from our favourite suppliers - St David Dairy butter, cream and buttermilk; Little Bertha eggs; Laucke Flour; Lindt couverture chocolate and Callebaut cocoa.

We're always experimenting with new flavour combinations as inspired by the seasons, our imaginations, and our customers. Each cake recipe developed is thoroughly critiqued by the team before it arrives on the cake counter. Of course, we have our favourites - Carly loves the pumpkin bundt, Elizabeth the blueberry, yoghurt and streusal muffin, and Betty the cranberry and pistachio biscotti.

Tartisan cakes are never too refined. We see beauty in imperfection, as described by the Japanese tradition of 'wabi-sabi'. This means we choose flavour and texture above flawless appearance every time.

Our tartines are equally rustic and authentic. We work with interesting ingredients (sorry, no eggs with bacon and tomato here!) from suppliers we love working with. Tartines are made to order and are perfectly sized to be chased with something sweet from our cake counter, if you're up for the true Tartisan experience that is.

Both the tart and tartine range can be purchased dine in or takeaway. And if you're finding it difficult to choose between options, our team is always happy to make recommendations. There's nothing we love more than engaging with our customers about food.