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French for 'open faced sandwich', our tartines are thick slices of Cobb Lane Bakery sourdough, lightly toasted and topped with savoury combos.

You can add poached eggs, making tartines perfect for breakfast or lunch. Or enjoy our chewy bread topped simply with our favourite spreads, including Walkabout Apirary honey and Pics peanut butter.

Avocado, white taramasalata (white cod roe), fetta and oregano tartine with poached eggs

Here's a selection of some of our tartines:

—  Avocado —
White taramasalata, oregano, fetta

—  Poached free-range chicken  —
Babaganoush, caramelised onions, red wine vinegar reduced currants, toasted pinenuts

—  Jamon —
 Beetroot puree, rocket, gorgonzola, candied walnuts

—  Roasted baby carrot —
Hummus, carrot top pesto, dukkah, shaved parmesan

—  Tomato  —
Ricotta, balsamic glaze, basil, nigella seeds

Jamon, beetroot, gorgonzola, rocket and candied walnut tartine